Student Self Storage Solutions

Harris Self Storage is Here to Provide Self-Storage Tips for Students For student self-storage solutions in Radford, VA, call Harris Self Storage today. Whether it’s the beginning or end of the semester, storage can play a significant role in moving and on-campus comfort. Placing your belongings in a storage unit will keep them protected and […]

Packing and Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes Can Easily Happen If You Do Not Plan Ahead Here are some packing and moving mistakes to avoid from Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA. When relocating from one city to another, you should plan ahead. Planning is essential to moving commercial or household goods from one place to another. Throughout the process, you […]

Long-Term Storage Tips

How to Make Long-Term Storage Work for You Harris Self Storage is proud to offer long-term storage tips. If you are making a career move, got an overseas assignment, or downsizing, you need a place for your stuff. When searching for a suitable unit, it’s essential to make sure you feel content about keeping your […]

Here Are Some Festive Season Storage Solutions

Holiday Decorating Can Go From Awesome to Annoying Instantly Festive season storage solutions can make holiday decorating go much smoother. Once the holidays end, it can be tempting to dump everything into a box. Don’t do that. Taking care of your decorations will keep them in better shape for future years. However, finding proper storage […]

Creating A Storage Unit Inventory List

taking storage inventory

What’s In Your Self-Storage Unit? Creating a storage unit inventory list will go a long way in adequately storing your prized possessions. What is in your current unit? When your storage unit begins to hold a lot, it can be tough to find certain boxes or bins. Organizing your storage unit is one way to […]

Learn the Many Benefits of Self-Storage for Businesses

Here’s How Self-Storage Units Can Help Your Business Learn more about the many benefits of self-storage for businesses. The right storage can make operations run much smoother. At first glance, you may not think of the business benefits for self-storage. However, it does assist business owners in many different ways. Whether you work out of […]

Climate Controlled Storage Needs

climate controlled storage needs

Why Might You Need Climate Controlled Storage? Climate-controlled storage needs vary from person to person. For instance, some people have items that need it, and others don’t. There are times when you may consider basic self-storage insufficient for storing your valuables. Climate-controlled storage would be the better option in this situation. Storing your items in […]

Students Using Storage Units While On Campus

Storage Unit Interior

Should Students Use A Self-Storage Storage Unit While On Campus? If you agree that students using storage units while on campus is a good idea, call Harris Self Storage. Many students use self-storage at the end of the semester, but it can also come in handy at the outset. Make sure you have a plan […]

Storage Unit Prices in Radford, VA – Call Harris Self Storage

Are You Looking for The Best Storage Unit Prices in Radford, VA? If you are researching storage unit prices in Radford, VA, Harris Self Storage can help. Depending on the size of the storage unit, and its many features, prices may vary. You want to make sure that you have an adequately sized storage unit […]