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Choose the Right Boxes for Storage

Depend on Harris Self Storage for All of Your Storage Needs

Harris Self Storage in the New River Valley wants to help you to choose the right boxes for storage. Everyone’s storage needs are different, and this means choosing different storage boxes. There are a few ideas that you should consider before you place items into storage. These considerations could keep those possessions safe while you need the space.


Consider the Size of Your Items

The size of your items is an important factor to consider when choosing storage boxes. You don’t want to choose boxes that are too small or too large. This can lead to damage or wasted space in the box. Measure your items and choose boxes that are slightly larger to accommodate them comfortably.



Make Sure that You Have Durable Boxes

It’s important to choose boxes that are durable and able to withstand the weight and pressure of your items. Avoid using boxes that are old, weak, or have been previously used. They may not be strong enough to protect your belongings. Opt for new, sturdy boxes, specifically designed for storage purposes.



Think About the Kind of Box that You Use

There are various types of boxes suitable for storage purposes. Wardrobe boxes are ideal for storing clothing items, as they allow you to hang clothes without causing damage. Similarly, dish boxes protect fragile items, such as plates and glasses. Consider the type of items that you will store, and choose boxes specifically designed for them.



Optimize Your Space with Uniform Boxes

Using uniform boxes is a great way to maximize your storage space and keep your items organized. Boxes that are all the same size and shape make it easier to stack them. This increases efficiency in your storage unit. This will also make it easier for you to access your items when you need them.



Get Boxes that Have Reliable Lids

Choosing boxes with lids is important for keeping your items safe from dust and debris. Additionally, lids provide an extra layer of protection for your belongings, especially if you plan on stacking the boxes. Label the boxes clearly so that you can easily identify their contents.


Do you need help choosing the right boxes for storage? Call Harris Self Storage at (540) 639-1617. Follow us on Facebook and Yelp for updates and reviews. We are happy to discuss how to choose the right boxes for storage in the New River Valley.