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Creating A Storage Unit Inventory List

What’s In Your Self-Storage Unit?

Creating a storage unit inventory list will go a long way in adequately storing your prized possessions. What is in your current unit? When your storage unit begins to hold a lot, it can be tough to find certain boxes or bins. Organizing your storage unit is one way to minimize chaos and keep your belongings within reach. Nothing says organization like a list.

This month, we will explain how to create a storage unit inventory list. We will start by giving you our top tips for writing a storage unit inventory list. Then, we will explain why you need to take inventory of your things. Harris Self Storage is proud to educate our customers on creating an inventory list for their storage unit.

Why Do You Need A Storage Unit Inventory List?

More times than not, homeowners will lose track of the items in their possession. When there are too many things inside your home, it can be tough to remember even purchasing certain items. If you want to keep track of your possessions, the best way to do that is to have an inventory. Here are some reasons why you need an inventory list for your storage items:

  • An inventory list helps you identify which items are under insurance.
  • Storage unit inventory lists will be your reference point if you need to access items.
  • It becomes easier to identify missing items with an inventory list.
  • You can quickly locate what you are looking for with a detailed list.
  • Having a storage unit inventory list makes it easier to establish resale value.

Storage unit inventory lists may seem like extra work, but having a list of stored items comes in handy. Creating an inventory list can be beneficial in a variety of situations, including insurance claims or looking for specific items. It can also give you peace of mind by knowing exactly where your items are when you need them.

The Art of Composing A Storage Unit Inventory List

Whether it’s a shared room or a big unit, a storage unit inventory list can save you some time. It allows you to quickly see if you have any missing items and what they are. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a storage unit inventory list:

Start Early: The best advice we can give you is to start your inventory list right away. If you start early, you will have less work in the future sorting through boxes and bins. Getting a head start on anything can help you plan better.

Work One Box and One Room At A Time: Taking inventory of a large, full unit can be a daunting task. To make the most of it, start with one box, and empty the contents one at a time. On the outside of the box, tape a copy of this list and keep another for future reference. If you work parts of your storage unit inventory list one at a time, the process goes much smoother.

Create A Master List: Your count sheet is just one task; you will still need to create a master list. Master lists contain all items in your storage unit. Be sure to make more than one copy of your master inventory list and save it on different storage devices. You can never have too many copies of a master list or a storage unit inventory list.

Update Your List: No matter how big or small, if you move something, write it down. Without a record of what’s in your storage unit, some items can get lost in the mix. It sounds like a lot, but the more accurate the inventory list is, the easier you will find the items.

After developing your storage unit inventory list, it’s important to not lose it. Before closing the door on the storage unit, remember where you put the inventory list. Moving.com recommends keeping a copy of your list at the storage unit for easy access.

Harris Self Storage Offers Several Self-Storage Unit Options

Finding a suitable self-storage unit can be challenging. Here at Harris Self Storage, we proudly provide residents of Radford, VA, and surrounding areas with affordable self-storage units. We will work with you to find the best self-storage unit that works for you. If you need a U-Haul to transport your belongings to our facility, speak to one of our staff members. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and keeping our customer’s prized possessions protected.

Harris Self Storage has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Radford, VA, and beyond for providing safe and secure storage units. We offer competitive and reasonable rates with superior accommodations. Storing your valuables in one of our safe and secure storage units will provide you with profound peace of mind. Our heavily secured self-storage units will keep your items protected for as long as you need. To learn more about our storage unit sizes, contact us.

For more information on creating a storage unit inventory list,  give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Our team brings extensive experience to the office every day while proudly serving the New River Valley. We pride ourselves on educating our customers about creating a storage unit inventory list.