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Here Are Some Festive Season Storage Solutions

Holiday Decorating Can Go From Awesome to Annoying Instantly

Festive season storage solutions can make holiday decorating go much smoother. Once the holidays end, it can be tempting to dump everything into a box. Don’t do that. Taking care of your decorations will keep them in better shape for future years. However, finding proper storage for these items can be challenging.

This month we will talk about festive season storage solutions. We will start by explaining the best way to store festive season decorations. Then, we will provide you with storage tips for your holiday decorations. Harris Self Storage is proud to educate our customers on festive season storage solutions.

“How Do I Store Festive Season Decorations?”

We recommend you take as much care putting your decorations away as when you put them up. Think of the extra work as a gift to the future you. Here are some great ways to store some of the most common holiday decorations:

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees can last for years with proper care. Our staff recommends storing artificial trees on the same floor they’re used. If you have space, you can save a lot of time by storing your tree without dismantling it. After all, everyone loves a beautiful Christmas tree, right?


In a battle between you and tangled lights, the lights almost always win. The best way to store Christmas lights is to use a piece of masking tape and to label each strand. Your label can indicate how long it is, where you used it last year, or what color they are.


When storing ornaments, it is best to use a layered container and fill the space with tissue paper. The paper will prevent the ornaments from moving around in the box. You can reconfigure the layers to accommodate ornaments of any size.

Wrapping Paper

If you can’t devote a small area to gift supplies, put wrapping paper under the bed. You can also store wrapping paper in a hanging storage system. This space-saving option protects folded wrapping paper sheets, tissue paper, greeting cards, and more. It can also organize your wrapping paper, so you don’t have to rummage through boxes full of it.


Fragile wreaths with delicate decorations can make it another year if they’re stored carefully. If your wreath is relatively large, consider loosely wrapping it in plastic. You can also try using a crush-proof container. They may take up more space, but they’ll do a better job protecting the wreath.

Storing all of your festive season decorations shouldn’t be difficult. Next year will go much smoother with everything stored and organized in durable containers. After all, some of these decorations carry sentimental meaning. Putting them in a safe and sturdy container will keep them in great shape. Craft stores like Michaels offer durable and secure storage totes, bins, bags, and much more.

Storage Tips for Your Festive Season Decorations

Fast forward to next year’s holiday season. Upon opening your stored festive season decorations, you’re heartbroken to find damaged ornaments. The good news is, you can save your festive season decorations using proper storage techniques. Here are some handy storage tips for festive season decorations:

For organizational purposes, try packing similar items together.

Always label boxes, especially ones with fragile festive season decorations.

Store items in a location with a steady temperature.

Don’t be afraid to add extra padding with tissue paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap.

Store small items in sandwich bags.

Remove batteries from decorations as they leak or degrade.

Festive Season Storage Solutions Make The Holidays Much Better

It’s essential to be mindful to take down and store holiday decorations carefully.  By using these festive season storage solutions, you’ll save space and time putting them back out. Now that you know some festive season storage solutions, you’ll have a much easier time decorating. After all, decorating your house for the holidays is what most people look forward to the most every year, right?

Harris Self Storage Provides Suitable Self-Storage Options

Finding an adequate self-storage unit for holiday decorations can be tricky. Here at Harris Self Storage, we proudly provide residents of Radford, VA, and surrounding areas with affordable self-storage units. We will work with you to find the best self-storage unit for your festive season decorations. Speak to one of our staff members if you need a U-Haul to transport your decorations to our facility. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service and keeping our customer’s festive season decorations protected.

Harris Self Storage has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Radford, VA, for providing secure storage for festive season decorations. We offer competitive and reasonable rates with top-notch accommodations. Storing your decorations in one of our safe storage units will give you peace of mind after the holidays. Our heavily secured self-storage units will keep your decorations safe for as long as you need. To learn more about our storage units, contact us.

For more information on festive season storage solutions, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Our team brings extensive experience to the office every day while proudly serving the New River Valley. We pride ourselves on educating our customers about festive season storage solutions.