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Learn the Many Benefits of Self-Storage for Businesses

Here’s How Self-Storage Units Can Help Your Business

Learn more about the many benefits of self-storage for businesses. The right storage can make operations run much smoother. At first glance, you may not think of the business benefits for self-storage. However, it does assist business owners in many different ways. Whether you work out of a home office or in a dedicated office space, self-storage units can come in handy.

This month we will explain self-storage benefits for businesses. We will start by explaining the benefits of self-storage for businesses. Then, we will cover why companies use self-storage and what you can expect from facilities as a business owner. Harris Self-Storage is proud to educate our customers on self-storage business benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Self-Storage for My Business?

Several businesses use self-storage for their additional storage needs. Self-storage can provide business owners with peace of mind knowing that their products and files are safe and secure. Here are some self-storage business benefits:

Reduces Clutter: Crowded office spaces can hinder productivity. Essential items can get lost amongst the clutter. By renting a self-storage unit, you can clear your inventory and equipment not needed for daily procedures.

Lowers Expenses: If you need space for supplies but not for daily operations, renting a self-storage unit can help. It can also provide some financial help since you won’t have to upgrade to a larger office space. Saving money is suitable for any business, and renting a self-storage unit can help do just that.

Provides Flexibility: Owning a small business requires agility to scale your operations up and down accordingly. With self-storage, you have flexibility. You can find storage units ranging from small to large, which gives you room to grow or downsize as necessary.

Offers Easy Access: Many self-storage facilities provide convenient features like drive-up access. This particular feature can save you some time in accessing your items. Other storage facilities even offer 24/7 gate access, allowing you to stop by the storage unit whenever your schedule allows.

Allows for Deliveries: If your business gets many deliveries, self-storage can be a lifesaver. Many facilities now accept deliveries right to your storage unit. Deliveries play a significant role in business operations, and it’s imperative they’re safe. Harris Self Storage will protect all of your deliveries in our safe and secure storage units.

Every business owner has experienced it before. Your workspace becomes too small for your expanding business. Rentcafe.com shows us how entrepreneurs can make the most of their work space with a self-storage unit. Small business owners can use the extra space to store some extra merchandise. You may also move equipment or furniture to the unit. There are many possibilities for storage.

Self-Storage Benefits Businesses of All Sizes

Businesses of any size often use self-storage units for various reasons. Many companies use self-storage to offload excess inventory, seasonal inventory, and archived documents. Self-storage units also benefit businesses that store office furniture while transferring locations. These are only a few self-storage business benefits. Business owners can use self-storage units for pretty much anything.

Self-Storage Gives Business Owners Options

Some self-storage facilities make it as easy as possible for tenants to store their items. They may offer additional services such as packing and transporting or even truck rental. Some also sell locks, boxes, and supplies to make the process smoother. Compared to other options such as warehouses, self-storage facility users cannot casually access these storage units. This particular benefit goes both ways – tenants enjoy enhanced security while the facility isn’t responsible for theft. Facilities can only take control of any unit contents if the tenant fails to pay rent.

Types of Business Who Use Self-Storage Units

Self-storage is a great tool for a lot of businesses. It’s an excellent option for any business looking to store documents, inventory, and more. Here are some types of companies that use self-storage units:

Retail: Stores can always use extra storage space even if they have a physical store or operate entirely online. Self-storage units are a great place for inventory storage without risking the integrity of the items.

Construction: Subcontractors don’t commonly have their own office spaces. However, they still need a lot of room to store project equipment. For heavy items, some storage facilities have loading docks that make transport easier.

Landscaping: Many landscapers don’t have an office but still need a place to store equipment and product. A self-storage unit is perfect for this job. It allows landscapers to take only what they need while keeping the rest safe.

Roofing: Contractors who work on roofs need power tools, adhesives, shingles, and other supplies. Without a spacious office or warehouse, they may have to store these at home. A business storage unit provides a better alternative with an option for a long-term lease if needed.

Food and Beverage: Restaurants everywhere deal with excess supplies, equipment, and tools. Owners of various restaurants need to devote as much square footage as possible to the dining area for increased profits. Stowing these items in a self-storage unit allows you to access these items without having to waste precious space. Some restaurants also have things that are better stored elsewhere.

Harris Self Storage Offers Safe and Secure Self-Storage Units

As a business owner, finding a suitable self-storage unit can be tough to do on top of your other obligations. Here at Harris Self Storage, we proudly provide business owners in Radford, VA, and beyond with affordable self-storage units. We will work with you to find the best self-storage unit that works for your business items. Speak to one of our staff members if you need a U-Haul to transport your belongings to our facility. We pride ourselves on high-quality customer service and protecting all of your business essentials.

Harris Self Storage has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Radford, VA, and beyond for providing quality storage units. We offer competitive and reasonable rates with top-notch accommodations. Storing your essential business items in one of our safe and secure storage units will give you peace of mind. Our secure self-storage units will protect your items for any amount of time. Contact us to learn more about our storage services.

For more information on self-storage business benefits, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Our staff brings extensive experience to the office daily while serving the New River Valley. We take great pride in educating our customers about the benefits of self-storage for businesses.