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Storing Your Patio Furniture in Winter

Harris Self Storage Can Handle Your Patio Furniture Storage Needs

Are you interesting in storing your patio furniture in winter? Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA keeps your patio furniture safe during the cold of winter. The summertime is when many of us enjoy a lot of time outdoors at cookouts and general visits. Many times, that means spending time on your patio. When the weather arrives, consider storing your patio furniture in our self-storage unit.


Storing Your Patio Furniture Helps Protect Them from Winter Damage

The snow, sleet, ice, and other inclement weather can make your furniture age quick. If you just bought that furniture last year, it could look 10 years older in one season. Think of how much money you paid for that furniture. One winter damage can make metals rust, wood split, and plastics crack.


The Best Place You Can Store Your Patio Furniture is Indoors

Make use of space you have in your garage or shed. That will help you protect your furniture from winter’s fury. If you don’t have enough space for your patio furniture, consider renting one of our storage units. This option will come with an added price. But, it will help you enjoy your investment for years to come.

Invest in Individual Outdoor Covers to Protect Your Furniture

Sometimes moving inside isn’t an option. That’s why buying protective outdoor covers is a great benefit. You should make sure the fit remains intact all winter. If a winter storm hits, make sure you remove any ice or snow right away. That will save you the stress from buildup.


Pick Up the Best Quality Heavy Duty Tarp You Can Find on the Market

Tarps don’t cost as much as individual covers for furniture protection. You can tie them down, and you can buy them at your local hardware store. These tarps should be waterproof to help the furniture stand up to the elements. This will help you extend the life of your outdoor furniture. Check out Family Handyman for more great tips and tricks.


For more information on storing patio furniture in winter in Radford, VA, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Follow us on Facebook and Yelp for updates and reviews. We are happy to help with storing your patio furniture in winter.