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Storing Your RV During the Winter

Trust Harris Self Storage with Strong Your RV During the Winter Months

You should consider storing your RV during the winter. Choose Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA for superior RV storage service help during the winter season. Going camping during the warm summer months with your RV is a fun getaway. During the winter, though, it’s critical you store your recreational vehicle for long term use. Keep these tips in mind for proper storage, courtesy of the Allstate Insurance Company.


Make Sure You Drain the Water System, and Prepare Your Exterior

Water left in your RV during the winter can freeze your pipes, and mess with critical lines. Use nontoxic antifreeze for pushing water out of your system. Make sure your outside structure is in good shape. Check for things like cracks or holes that could let water in during the winter. Seal or caulk these areas off so your RV can stand up to the elements.


Cover Up Your RV, Protect Your Tires, and Add a Quality Fuel Stabilizer

If you’re storing your RV outside during the frigid winter months, buy a cover that is for RVs. You shouldn’t use tarps because they will trap moisture and flap around. You should also find tire covers that fit your current tire set-up. Fuel Stabilizers help your gas from going bad over a long time. That can help prevent resin build up.


Choose a Safe Location for Your RV, and Make Sure You Check Up on It

If you can, park your RV underneath a shelter that can protect it from the wind. That will protect it from the wind and trees that could fall at any time. If you want to park it on a street, make sure you know your local guidelines. Even if you’re not using the RV, it’s still important to check on it. Go inspect everything possible for signs of trouble so you can get repairs done. This will help you stay ahead of potential problems, so your RV remains ready for next year.


Trust Our RV Parking During the Winter

You can save a lot of worrying about one of your biggest investments by parking your RV at Harris Self Storage. Our RV parking has excellent security, and allows you to clears up space on your property for other things. Check out our storage options for your RV.



For more information on RV storage in Radford, VA, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Follow us on Facebook and Yelp for updates and reviews. We are happy to help with storing your RV during the winter.