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Students Using Storage Units While On Campus

Should Students Use A Self-Storage Storage Unit While On Campus?

If you agree that students using storage units while on campus is a good idea, call Harris Self Storage. Many students use self-storage at the end of the semester, but it can also come in handy at the outset. Make sure you have a plan on whether you want to use self-storage before school starts. As a college student, you don’t need any added stress as you start a new semester.


Deciding if students should use a storage unit while on campus can be a little stressful. You may think you don’t need it, but it could come in handy. This month we will explain the benefits for a student to use a storage unit. We will also present some self-storage uses for college students. Harris Self Storage is proud to educate our customers about students using storage units while on campus.


Benefits of Students Using Storage Units While On Campus

Every semester, college students move in and out of dorm rooms and apartments. While some students can do this easily, many others attend out-of-state institutions, making moving more difficult. That’s why students utilize self-storage units if they can. Some of the benefits for students using a storage unit while on campus, include:


Extra Space: If you’re staying in a dorm room or off-campus apartment, chances are your living space will be minimal. Using self-storage units while on campus helps you avoid clutter and have more room to walk around. In addition, it can help keep your belongings in good condition, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Easier Move Out Day/Less Waste: Once the end of the semester comes, students have to worry about moving all their belongings back home. However, some students throw away most of their non-important things to avoid moving them again. By using a self-storage unit while on campus, students can reduce moving-out stress by moving things at different times.


Keep Your Stuff Protected: Dorm theft is a common occurrence on college campuses across the country. Putting your valuables in a self-storage unit will ensure proper protection. Self-storage units come equipped with video surveillance and other security measures to prevent theft.


College students using storage units while on campus can have peace of mind knowing their valuables are safe. This sense of tranquility as the semester starts can help students study better, knowing that their possessions are protected. If you store seasonally-used furniture, My Moving Reviews suggest covering them with sheets, blankets, or specialized fabric.


Self-Storage Uses For College Students While On Campus

While many students use self-storage to make moving easier, there are other ways storage units can assist them. Here are some self-storage uses for college students on campus:


Studying Abroad: Studying overseas is an incredible experience that many students take advantage of while in school. Since you will be in another country, you’ll need a place to keep your valuables. Self-Storage is an excellent option for students in this situation. Rather than having to take everything “back home,” they can put it in a self-storage unit until their return.


Between Leases: Some students choose to live near their campus during the school year, and while working over their summer break. If your off-campus living space lease is expiring soon, self-storage can help bridge the gap in between leases. When the new lease starts, you can move these items into your new place.


Studying in Large or Expensive Cities: Students who attend a school in a big city can save money on housing by using self-storage units. Instead of paying more for a larger place, using a storage unit can expand your living space. This idea can work for students renting a house, apartment, or staying on campus.


Self-Storage Can Save Students Some Stress Throughout the Semester

Let’s be honest, hauling the comforts of home and then some off to college can be time-consuming and expensive. Renting self-storage is smart for college students because they can have added space to stay organized. If a student’s belongings won’t fit inside a car, renting a storage unit can help save some space. Used books and materials from completed classes and off-season sporting goods have a place to go. Self-storage can also make it easier for students to access needed items at their discretion without cluttering their dorm room.


Harris Self Storage Offers Superior Self Storage Options

Finding suitable self-storage for students can be intimidating. Harris Self Storage proudly provides students in Radford, VA, and surrounding areas with affordable self-storage and U-Haul rental. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to help you find the best self-storage unit for your needs. If you need a U-Haul to transport your belongings to our facility, speak to one of our staff members. We pride ourselves on keeping student’s treasures safe for the semester.


Harris Self Storage has developed an outstanding reputation throughout Radford, VA, and beyond for providing secure self-storage. We proudly offer competitive and reasonable rates for college students along with superior accommodations. Students from several colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia come to us for self-storage. To learn more about our self-storage options for students, visit the storage page on our website.



For more information on students using storage units while on campus, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Our team brings extensive experience to the office daily while serving the New River Valley. We pride ourselves on educating customers about students using storage units while on campus.