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Tips for Storing Lawn Equipment

Storing Lawn Equipment - blog 8

Trust Harris Self Storage in the New River Valley Harris Self Storage in the New River Valley has some great tips for storing lawn equipment in this month’s blog. Spring is on the way, and that means more time cutting the grass and taking care of other vegetation. That also means needing to keep your […]

How to Store Batteries Safely 

Battery graphic

Harris Self Storage Offers Quality Battery Storage Solutions in the New River Valley Harris Self Storage has some great tips for how to store batteries safely in the New River Valley. Batteries are essential to power many of our daily devices, from cell phones to vehicles to remote controls. However, it’s important to store them […]

Holiday Storage Tips and Advice

Holiday decorations storage

Keep Holiday Items Safe with These Tips from Harris Self Storage Harris Self Storage offers a few holiday storage tips and advice. The holiday season is on the horizon, and that means getting out your Christmas decorations including the tree. Let’s remember what you may use for Halloween or Thanksgiving celebrations, too. After a while, […]

Decluttering Your Home

Very cluttered home

Harris Self Storage Offers You Quality Home Clean-Out Tips Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA, offers tips for decluttering your home. It’s summer, and that means, for many of us, enjoying the beautiful weather. But there is a time when you should consider cleaning out your spaces. Here are some great tips for decluttering your […]

Tips for Storing Breakable Items

Fragile graphic

Harris Self Storage Keeps Your Most Delicate Items Safe For quality tips for storing breakable items, count on the experts at Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA. We all have those items that can be easily broken. That means taking extra care of those possessions when packing or storing them. Here are some excellent tips […]

How to Store Appliances

Multiple appliances on white background

Harris Self Storage is Your Source for Quality Appliance Storage When you need to learn how to store appliances, trust the experts at Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA. How you store those appliances depends on what kind of person you are. Some may need access to their blenders, while others need the coffee maker. […]

Storing Your Patio Furniture in Winter

Friends celebrating on patio

Harris Self Storage Can Handle Your Patio Furniture Storage Needs Are you interesting in storing your patio furniture in winter? Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA keeps your patio furniture safe during the cold of winter. The summertime is when many of us enjoy a lot of time outdoors at cookouts and general visits. Many […]

Storing Holiday Gifts in Storage

Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA for Help with Your Holiday Storage Trust Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA when you need reliable solutions for storing holiday gifts in storage. Do you have loved ones that always try to sneak a look at what you got them for the holidays? You should consider putting them […]

Organizing Your Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Harris Self Storage is Helping You Organize Your Storage Spaces For great help organizing your storage unit for frequent access, choose Harris Self Storage in Radford, VA. We all could use some extra space around the house. Many times, we may need to make frequent trips to a storage unit. Check out the great tips […]

Long-Term Storage Tips

How to Make Long-Term Storage Work for You Harris Self Storage is proud to offer long-term storage tips. If you are making a career move, got an overseas assignment, or downsizing, you need a place for your stuff. When searching for a suitable unit, it’s essential to make sure you feel content about keeping your […]