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Packing supplies

Essential Packing Supplies

Moving in the Near Future? You’ll Need Some Key Supplies

Collecting essential packing supplies early can save you a lot of time and stress. In the middle of the move, you will be focused on getting the job done. Therefore, it’s vital to have the right materials on hand. You may wonder what materials are absolutely necessary for a successful move. Our staff of knowledgeable professionals at Harris Self Storage is here to help residents in Radford, VA, and the surrounding areas.

This month, we will tell you about essential packing supplies for your upcoming move. We will notify you of everything you need from bundling until moving day. Harris Self Storage is proud to educate our clients in and around Radford, VA, on essential packing supplies. Continue reading to make your upcoming move go as smoothly as possible.

Purchase These Packing Supplies Before Moving Day

If you’re just getting help with loading, you will need to buy your own packing supplies. While there are a few optional items, most things are vital to getting the job done right. Don’t leave anything to chance about moving day. Here are some essential loading items to secure before moving day:


You may score some free boxes, but it’s essential to know that all packages are the same. The size, strength, and sturdiness of the box make a big difference.

Packing Paper

If you’re on a tight budget, you can save money by using old newspapers, mailing sheets, clothes, and linens.


You will almost always need more packing tape than you think. It’s essential to stock up and make sure it’s the good stuff. Cheaper tape may seem like a good deal, but it won’t be as reliable.


Having a pair of sturdy and sharp scissors can help make moving more efficient. If you need to reopen a box, cut tape, re-size a blanket, or create your own box, scissors can help.

Heavy-Duty Trash Bags

You will want to buy many trash bags because you will need them for more than just trash. Trash bags can also serve as extra boxes if you need more of them.


You will also need certain materials for particular items that you’re moving. One of the most challenging items to move is furniture. Moving furniture requires proper planning, tools, and equipment. Do you know how to move large pieces of furniture safely and effectively? Moving.com tells us how to protect your furniture when you move.

Secure These Essential Supplies for Moving Day

The success of the move relies on having the correct amount of supplies. Moving will feel much easier if you have the right necessities. Consider buying these materials once moving day rolls around:


Moving Blankets

You can use moving blankets to protect items and move heavy objects. If you place a heavy item on a blanket and pull it across the floor, the item can move quicker. Applying this hack can also protect your floors.

Shrink Wrap

Using shrink wrap can protect upholstered wood and help avoid damage to the walls.


If you’re doing your own loading, having strong straps or rope can secure belongings. Using these items will help keep your stuff in place and prevent damage during the process.

Disc Lock

Using a durable disc lock can keep your belongings safe on the moving truck. Keep the key with you or in a safe place where you won’t lose it.


Stay Energized and Focused Throughout the Moving Process

Moving is physically demanding work. Throughout the course of a laborious day, you will need snacks to keep you moving. Be sure to have snacks and water bottles on hand. Keep the water bottles in the fridge or in a cooler with ice in it. This method will keep them nice and cold. Grab-and-go snacks like protein bars are great options. Apples, bananas, and grapes are also great for a burst of energy.

Your phone battery will take a lot of abuse from making calls and playing music on move-in day. Keep your charger on hand so you can keep it juiced all day long. It’s also a good idea to pack a Bluetooth speaker to play some music that can ease some stress.

We Offer Truck Rental Services in and Around Radford, VA

If you need a moving truck, consider Harris Self Storage’s truck rental services. Since our inception, we have helped clients in Radford, VA, and the New River Valley with all of their moving needs. Our staff will come to your home and pack your belongings into our trucks. We will then unpack them at your new home. We are proud to provide premium truck rental service to our Radford, VA, clients.

Residents in and around Radford, VA, consider our truck rental services for their moving needs. Our team will arrive on time and treat your belongings with great care. Harris Self Storage’s staff brings extensive experience. We pride ourselves on making sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. To learn more about our truck rental services in Radford, VA, contact us.

For more information on essential packing supplies, call Harris Self Storage at (540) 639-1617. Customers can also contact us online and like our Facebook page to learn more about what we offer. Quality customer service inspires our team to be at their best on a daily basis. Our staff will go above and beyond to serve our customers in the best way possible throughout Radford, VA, and the New River Valley. We are happy to help our clientele find essential packing supplies.