best storage unit rental business i have evvvver had… I am so blessed i chose these guys before moving from my hometown to a place ive never heasrd of and without space to put all my belongings i have left …as long as u keep in touch if you cant make payment on time just call and they have been soooooo understanding and nice for almost 3 years of my nonpaying on time…thank u harris rentals!
-I am jc truth is life
This is by far the nicest storage unit facility around, and they will work with you however they can to meet your needs! I utilized my climate controlled unit as a project/office space with 24/7 access, ran an extension cable for my computer and had a place where I could focus on my work comfortably, having the peace of mind knowing it was safe and secure. All of that for a super reasonable price! They are also dog friendly. I’m serious when I say that they can offer you so much more than just a storage space. Call them today and see for yourself!