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Holiday decorations storage

Holiday Storage Tips and Advice

Keep Holiday Items Safe with These Tips from Harris Self Storage

Harris Self Storage offers a few holiday storage tips and advice. The holiday season is on the horizon, and that means getting out your Christmas decorations including the tree. Let’s remember what you may use for Halloween or Thanksgiving celebrations, too. After a while, some of those decorations do outlive their usefulness. Keeping your older décor items can create clutter in your home and storage spaces. Here are some ideas to help you make the most out of your holiday storage.



One Holiday Storage Tip is to Use Separate Containers for Holidays

Do not mix your Christmas decorations with the ones you use for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other holiday. This will help you keep what you need separate when you prepare for the next celebration. It will help save you time from having to look through other boxes when you need them.



Some Advice on Repurposed Storage Containers and Being Creative

Consider ways to reuse current storage containers or items you have available. You can accomplish this with magazine racks, reusable storage bins, or other items that you haven’t used in a while. Those can help store your gift bags, wrapping paper, and other decals. Consider using hanging door storage, too. If you have egg cartons that are in good shape, they are a great option for smaller decor. Not only will being creative with storage help protect your property, it can also help you create space.



Using Larger Bags for Larger Decorations is Another Holiday Storage Tip

If wreaths are among your decorations, use a large clear bag to provide ample room. It can keep the wreath from attracting dust or possible damage in storage. These are also great to use for door signs, stockings, and artificial Christmas trees. Using the right kind of large storage bag can help maintain items when you do not need them during the year.



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