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Student Self Storage Solutions

Harris Self Storage is Here to Provide Self-Storage Tips for Students

For student self-storage solutions in Radford, VA, call Harris Self Storage today. Whether it’s the beginning or end of the semester, storage can play a significant role in moving and on-campus comfort. Placing your belongings in a storage unit will keep them protected and save you some stress. As we approach the summer and into next fall, following specific protocols can keep your belongings safe.

Harris Self Storage is proud to educate our clients on student self-storage solutions in Radford, VA, and Blacksburg, VA. Our team will offer you advice this month on summer and fall storage and why you should consider it. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best storage solutions possible.

Check Out the Benefits of Summer Self-Storage in Blacksburg, VA

With mid-terms and final exams on the horizon, you have a lot on your hands. Throughout the school year in Blacksburg, VA, you accumulate many belongings that will get moved home for the summer. It can be a lot of work moving everything to your parents’ house. Some things may be better off staying near campus. You could alleviate some stress by renting a unit in Blacksburg, VA, to reap the following benefits:


Most facilities offer month-to-month leases. Because of this, you can rent your unit for as long as you need. Some spaces in Blacksburg, VA, even offer discounts for college students.

The Perfect Size for Your Budget

Self-storage units offer a variety of storage unit sizes. 5×5 units hold about as much as a walk-in closet. 5×10 units can hold furniture, mattresses, along with other smaller items.

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Belongings are Safe

The many security features that storage facilities offer will ensure your belongings are safe. Students can also rent a climate-controlled unit for delicate items.

Keeps Your Parents Home Organized

If you have large furniture and boxes to move, they may take up a lot of space at your parents’ house. By renting a storage unit you can keep your parents’ house clean and your items protected.

Ease in Finding New Housing

If you are moving into a new place at the start of the new semester, storage can help. Keeping your belongings in one location will allow you to quickly find new housing without worrying about these items.

Here Are Common Reasons for Self-Storage In the Fall Semester

As a new school year approaches in Radford, VA, students should consider the benefits of self-storage. Leaving your personal belongings at your parents’ house isn’t a good idea as you start a new semester. If you’re a freshman, you already feel overwhelmed with getting used to dorm life. Renting a storage unit can help alleviate some stress. Check out some common reasons why students rent a unit in Radford, VA, in the fall:

Extra Space

Since you’re sharing a room with one or two roommates, you’ll have limited space. Putting extra belongings that you don’t need daily in a storage unit can create more space. These items can also remain in good condition within the facility.

Easier Move-Out Day

At the end of the semester, students will usually donate or throw away most items. Doing so allows them to not worry about moving everything again. Storing your stuff in a storage unit can reduce the stress of multiple moves over time.

Easy Transition

Purchasing a unit at the outset of the fall semester in Radford, VA, can make for an easier transition between terms. You won’t have to worry about moving everything back and forth to school after the semester break. Having a storage unit is especially beneficial if you live out of state.

Self-Storage Can Make Things Easier for College Students

As a college student, moving becomes part of life. No matter your living situation, you will always answer the question: What should I do with all my stuff? Renting a unit close to school in Radford, VA, or Blacksburg, VA, can help you in many ways. However, before signing on the dotted line, here are a few factors to consider about renting a self-storage unit:


College students usually don’t have a large budget to work with. It’s essential to make sure that you can afford the sizes offered by the facility.


Features like video surveillance are a bonus, but gated access is one safety measure that everyone appreciates. It’s also essential to have a good padlock to secure your space.


Renting a storage unit near your school can give you easy access to your belongings. However, it is also important to compare the prices of renting in and out of certain areas. Doing so can help you decide on the right location for you.


Harris Self Storage Offers Supreme Storage Spaces for College Students

At the start of every semester in Radford, VA, and Blacksburg, VA, students wonder where to put everything. Harris Self Storage can help provide students with a safe and secure storage location. We pride ourselves in assisting customers in Radford, VA, and Blacksburg, VA keep their belongings protected.

Harris Storage is proud to serve Radford, VA, and Blacksburg, VA, college students with superior service. College students throughout the area come to us for all their storage needs because of our rates and accommodations. Contact us today to learn more about our storage units.

For more information on storage solutions in Radford, VA, call Harris Self Storage today at (540) 639-1617. Stay up to date by checking out our Facebook page. Our staff of friendly professionals is proud to answer any questions on student self-storage solutions we offer.