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How to Store College Furniture

Harris Self Storage is Keeping Your College Furniture Safe and Stored

College students in Radford, VA trust Harris Self Storage on how to store college furniture. Before you know it, summer vacation will be here soon for college student. And that means cleaning out their dorms. Some of them may come home, while others need a temporary storage spot as they move to an apartment. Here are some tips on how to store college furniture for your child, courtesy of moving.com.


Why Should College Kids Get Storage Units in the Summer?

This will help you minimize the number of items you need to take home. That will help you with the process of moving in during the fall. Summer storing will help with the moving process, whether they return a dorm or rent an apartment. This will also help keep your house from being too crowded.


There are a Variety of Sizes That Can Fit Any Student’s Needs

Many available storage units can hold one room of furniture. If students live in larger apartments, options are available for those, too. Rentals are normally 5×5 or 5×10 in size. 5×5 storage units can handle a love seat, boxes, and home décor. You can add a couch and twin bed if you go for a 5×10-sized storage unit.


How Much Does It Cost for College Students to Store Items?

The cost of storage units depends on the company and the size of the rental storage units time needed. Companies will offer month-to-month contracts, ranging between $12 and $100. Some facilities may offer discounts to college students. Make sure you ask the storage facility about college student discounts.


Harris Self Storage is Ready for Your Student’s Summer Storage Needs

Harris Self Store is helping Radford, VA, area college students with their summer storage needs. Our team offers spaces ranging from 5×5 to 12×30. We use excellent surveillance systems and climate control to keep your belongings safe. Contact us today for an estimate for your storage needs.



For more information on storing college furniture in Radford, VA, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Follow us on Facebook and Yelp for updates and reviews. We are happy to help college students with how to store college furniture.