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Storage units - blog 7 - Items Unsafe to Store

Items Unsafe to Store

Harris Self Storage Understands Safe Storage Practices

Do you know the items unsafe to store? Harris Self Storage, serving the New River Valley, will discuss that in this month’s blog. Everyone has items that they can store safely. There are certain items, however, from the hazardous to the perishable, that require particular care with storage. Failure to use caution could result in serious issues. Let’s take a closer look at those items unsafe to store.


Flammable and Hazardous Materials Present Dangers

It should come as no surprise that flammable and hazardous materials are strictly prohibited in self-storage units. These include:

  • gasoline
  • propane
  • fireworks
  • pesticides
  • any other chemicals that are flammable or toxic

These items can cause serious harm to the storage unit, other customers’ belongings, and potentially even our facility. It’s essential to never store these items in your self-storage unit throughout the rental period.


Do Not Allow Perishable Items to Go Unattended

Storing perishable items in a self-storage unit is not only unsafe but also unwise. These include any food, plants, or living organisms. Not only can these items quickly spoil and become a health hazard. They can also attract unwanted pests such as rodents, insects, and other vermin. To avoid potential health and safety hazards, it’s best to avoid storing perishable items in your self-storage unit.


We Discourage and Caution the Storage of Firearms and Ammunition

While firearms and ammunition are not necessarily prohibited in self-storage units, we strongly discourage storing them in our facility. These items can pose a significant threat to the safety of our customers and our facility. If you choose to store firearms and ammunition, it’s crucial to ensure that they are unloaded. Make sure they are properly stored in a locked container that only you have access to. Moreover, it’s essential to check state laws and regulations before storing these items in a self-storage unit.


Never Leave Illegal Items as These are Unsafe to Store

It goes without saying that storing illegal items in a self-storage unit is not only unsafe but also illegal. These include stolen property, illegal substances, and other illicit items. Not only can these items pose a risk to your safety, but they can also result in legal consequences. This goes both for you and potentially other customers of the storage facility.


Contact the New River Valley’s storage specialists at Harris Self Storage at (540) 639-1617. Follow us on Facebook and Yelp for updates and reviews. We are happy to share more information on any items unsafe to store.