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Storing Lawn Equipment - blog 8

Tips for Storing Lawn Equipment

Trust Harris Self Storage in the New River Valley

Harris Self Storage in the New River Valley has some great tips for storing lawn equipment in this month’s blog. Spring is on the way, and that means more time cutting the grass and taking care of other vegetation. That also means needing to keep your equipment neat and orderly for everything you need to do. Keep these ideas in mind for helping you maintain an organized storage space.


Clean and Prepare Lawn Equipment Properly

Before storing your lawn equipment, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt, grass clippings, or debris. This will prevent any buildup that can attract pests or cause damage to your equipment. You should remove any remaining fuel from lawn mowers to prevent any potential fire hazards or damage to the engine. Additionally, sharpen the blades and replace any worn parts, so your equipment is in good condition for later use.


Use Proper Storage Containers and Coverings

Using the proper storage containers for your lawn equipment can ensure that it’s protected from the elements. It’s best to store your lawn mower in a container that’s specifically designed for it. These containers are usually made of heavy-duty plastic and have ventilation holes to prevent moisture buildup. For other equipment, such as trimmers, edgers, and blowers, it’s best to use padded cases or bags to prevent damage.


Store Lawn Furniture and Lawn Care Items in a Climate Controlled Unit

Lawn equipment can be sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity, which can cause damage and reduce its lifespan. To prevent damage, it’s best to store your equipment in a climate-controlled storage unit. These units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, ensuring that your equipment stays in optimal condition. Additionally, a climate-controlled unit can protect your equipment from pests and other potential hazards.


Organize the Storage Unit with Designated Spaces

Proper organization is key to maximizing your storage space and keeping your lawn equipment in good condition. Start by creating a designated space for each item. That could mean a corner for your lawn mower or a shelf for your weed trimmer. It’s also helpful to label each container or bag with its contents. That way, you can easily locate what you need when it’s time to use your equipment again.



When you need storage in the New River Valley, call Harris Self Storage at (540) 639-1617. Our storage experts are ready to discuss your situation. Follow us on Facebook and Yelp for updates and reviews. We are happy to share great tips for storing lawn equipment and more.