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Long-Term Storage Tips

How to Make Long-Term Storage Work for You

Harris Self Storage is proud to offer long-term storage tips. If you are making a career move, got an overseas assignment, or downsizing, you need a place for your stuff. When searching for a suitable unit, it’s essential to make sure you feel content about keeping your belongings there. Renting space can seem daunting, and you may have a lot of questions about storing items long-term. Not to worry, though. Our staff is here to help you.

Harris Self Storage is proud to provide our customers with tips for storing belongings for a long period. From packing to storing and following up, we will help you make your long-term experience right. Customers in and around Radford, VA, trust Harris Self Storage for all their packing and storing needs.

Remember to Pack Your Items Well for a Long Stay

Your belongings will be in the unit for a long time; therefore, it’s essential to pack them properly. Packing items correctly can keep them pristine throughout the duration of their time in the unit. If you are about to start packing for your long trip, follow these steps to prepare:

Invest in Sturdy Boxes

Heavy-duty cardboard boxes can provide massive durability for storing items long-term. Using plastic bins can also keep things in great shape. It’s also imperative to make sure they’re the same size to maximize space and stackability.

Clean Appliances Before Storing Them

Scrub down your belongings with an effective cleaning solution. Doing so will help remove residue that can quickly become mold or mildew. Leaving the doors of the unit slightly ajar will increase airflow making your items sustainable to the elements.

Cover the Unit’s Floor with a Sheet

Placing a sheet, canvas, or tarp on the floor of your unit will keep the items from touching any dampness. These items will also help promote airflow within your unit.

Label Your Boxes

After a few months, you may forget where you put certain items. Save yourself some stress by labeling boxes and making a map of your unit. Doing this helps you remember where things are and what is in each box.

Develop a Storage Strategy That Works for You

Choosing a long-term storage unit is a big decision. Instead of going into it haphazardly, make a game plan. Take the time to study some units and decide which size you will need. It’s also important to consider whether or not you’ll need a climate-controlled unit. Allowing proper space between your boxes can prevent them from toppling over or leaning against each other. Adequate space can also prevent potential damage to your belongings.

When you’re ready to use the items, the last thing you want is to find them damaged. By having a strategy, you can store your items safely and efficiently. It may seem like more work on top of your planning, but it’s worth the extra time and effort. Long-term storage is a big commitment, and it’s essential to go about it the right way.

Ask Someone to Check On Your Belongings from Time to Time

If you are traveling for an extended period, consider asking someone to visit the unit now and then. This person may be able to ship an item from your space to you if you need it. They can also respond quickly if any problems occur while you’re gone. Appointing someone to check on your unit is especially important if you’re storing a car. If the tires are still in place and the battery still works, they can take the car for a spin. The individual you choose can help ward off premature damage to the vehicle by doing this.

Purchase Insurance Just In Case

To add another security layer, look into purchasing insurance for your unit. While searching for adequate coverage, research the policy guidelines to determine what it will cover. You could also analyze your current policy to determine if you need any additional insurance to rent out a unit. It’s vital to ensure that your policy covers items stored off-site and within a long-term unit.

At Harris Self Storage, We Offer Superior Long-Term Options

Like we mentioned before, finding a storage unit for an extended time can be challenging. Our staff is proud to provide Radford, VA, and beyond with quality units for long-term use. We can help determine the correct size to give you enough space and keep your items in good shape. Harris Self Storage prides itself on premium customer service and keeping your things in the best condition possible.

Since our inception, we have earned an excellent reputation with customers in and around Radford, VA. Our competitive rates and feasible accommodations make us the area’s trusted facility for long-term stays. As you start your move, we can provide you with a safe place for your valuables. Our protected units can keep your items safe for any length of time. Contact us today to learn more about our storage units.

For more information on storage options, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Stay up to date by checking out our Facebook page for company happenings in Radford, VA. Customers can also contact us online to discuss more long-term storage tips.