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Storage Unit Prices in Radford, VA – Call Harris Self Storage

Are You Looking for The Best Storage Unit Prices in Radford, VA?

If you are researching storage unit prices in Radford, VA, Harris Self Storage can help. Depending on the size of the storage unit, and its many features, prices may vary. You want to make sure that you have an adequately sized storage unit for premium protection of your most prized possessions. It’s also important to make sure the size not too big, or else it will cost you more money.

Finding the right storage unit prices can be stressful. You may already be in a tight financial spot and in need of storage space for some valuable items. Let us explain typical storage unit prices and what goes into determining them. We will also explain how certain features affect the prices of storage units. Here at Harris Self Storage, we are proud to educate our customers on storage unit prices.

What is the Typical Price of a Storage Unit?

The cost of a storage unit typically depends on your location, availability, and requested size.  Below you will find the nationwide average of storage unit prices in Radford, VA, according to lifestorage.com.  We’ve also included guidelines to help you better understand what you can store in that particular unit.

  • Size: 5×10 – $52 – Perfect for storing lawnmowers and other lawn equipment.
  • Size: 10×10 – $81 – Stores furniture and contents from a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Size: 10×20 – $135 – Belongings from a two-to-three-bedroom home can be stored in this unit.

Many storage unit prices increase if the space has specific features such as climate control and security cameras. It’s important to keep this in mind as you research your area’s best storage unit prices.

What Goes Into Determining Storage Unit Prices?

There are many factors taken into consideration when determining storage unit prices. Let’s dive into some of these factors a bit deeper:

Unit Size: The size of the storage unit is one of the key factors in price determination. Storage unit prices for smaller units will be the lowest and will increase with size.

Storage Facility Location: If you’re living near a metropolitan area, you’ll likely find competitive pricing at large storage facilities. The further you drive away from these areas, the rates will be lower.

Type of Unit: Indoor units will cost a higher price because of the features that come with being indoors, which we will discuss later. Outdoor units that allow drive-up access have a lower price. You can find indoor and outdoor options at most storage facilities.

Convenient Access: Storage units on lower floors of a multi-floor facility cost more than the units on the upper levels. This convenient cost is worth it if you frequently visit the storage unit to pick up items.

Security Deposits: Many storage facilities require renters to pay a security deposit, which is usually refundable and necessary for protecting the company against possible damage. Renters who don’t provide adequate notice when terminating their lease may not get their deposit back.

Storage unit prices play a big factor when deciding where to rent. After figuring out the average storage unit cost, the next step is to see what you can fit into each unit. Snap N Sure recommends measuring everything you put in the unit because it’s not easy to determine how much space you’ll need.

Which Features Affect Storage Unit Prices in the New River Valley?

Every storage facility offers different features, which may reflect the price. Here are some features that you should take into consideration when searching for storage units:

Climate Control: This particular feature is one of the most prominent amenities that can affect storage unit prices. If you’re planning to store things like furniture, papers, or clothes for an extended period of time, climate-controlled storage units will protect them from mold.

24/7 Access: Providing around-the-clock access to your storage unit could cost you more if it’s offered. However, this feature could be great for those who work odd hours.

Security: If a storage unit’s security level is rather heavy, that could also increase the price. All storage facilities offer great security features, but some may cost more depending on what they are.

There are many other features that can affect the price of a storage unit in the New River Valley area. Be sure to do some research on what features the storage facility offers and how much they will cost.

We Offer Convenient Self-Storage and Truck Rental for Radford, VA

Finding the right storage unit to keep your prized possessions properly protected can be stressful. Here at Harris Self Storage, we proudly provide our loyal customers with convenient self-storage and U-Haul rental. Our team of highly-trained professionals will work with you to help determine the right-sized storage unit for your needs. We pride ourselves on helping our customers protect what matters to them and ensuring superior safeguarding of those valuables.

Since our inception, we have developed a strong reputation throughout the New River Valley as the area’s most trusted storage facility. Our rates here at Harris Self Storage are reasonable and competitive. We pride ourselves on our positive customer service and great accommodations. Please visit the storage page on our website to learn more about the storage units and other services we offer.

For more information, give Harris Self Storage a call at (540) 639-1617. Our team brings extensive experience in the storage industry to the office every day. We take great pride in educating our customers on storage unit prices in Radford, VA.